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I’m a sports scientist from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. My main interests are exercise performance, strength training and new technologies. I have a PhD. and two MSc. on High Performance in Sports and i’ve authored several scientific papers on peer-reviewed journals. I’m also an iOS developer, creator of My Jump Lab, a scientifically validated app to measure sports performance, used in more than 100 countries by professional athletes, coaches or researchers.

I've worked as a consultant in elite sports with NBA teams and elite runners, among others. Finally, i give talks on the topic of exercise performance, strength training and new technologies. I have given several talks in International MSc., Symposiums, Congresses or private events in Spain, France, Italy, UK or the USA. Also, i’m the main author of “Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives”, the first multi-touch sport-sciences iBook in Spanish.

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Carlos Balsalobre-Fernández
Madrid, Spain

Talks & Consultancy

I have given several talks and workshops on the topic of exercise performance and new technologies in different Symposiums, MSc., International Congresses or private events in Spain, France, Italy, UK or the USA. Also, i have worked as a consultant with NBA teams or elite runners, among others. If you want me to give a talk or workshop at your University, team or company, don't hesitate to contact me.


My Jump Lab is the most portable, validated and affordable sports performance lab in the world. Trusted by more than 300.000 people in more than 100 countries, including elite coaches, professional athletes, physios and researchers.

With My Jump Lab you can measure more than 30 tests including jumping, lifting, running, sprinting or changing direction with an accuracy comparable to expensive laboratory equipment. Moreover, thanks to the power of AI, My Jump Lab can measure barbell velocity or vertical jumps in real time just with your camera.
See validation papers here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does My Jump Lab includes?

  • ◉ Jumping: CMJ in real time using AI*, SJ, CMJ free arms, DJ, optimal Force-Velocity Profile, RSI-mod, horizontal jump, single leg asymmetry and 10-5 repeated jump tests.
  • ◉ Velocity-based training: measurement of mean concentric velocity in real time, load-velocity profiling, 1RM estimation, velocity loss and barbell trajectory tracking.
  • ◉ Running and Sprinting: contact/flight times, leg stiffness, leg asymmetry, pronation/supination, contralateral pelvic drop, linear sprint time with splits, ALTIS Kinograms, 5-0-5, 5+5, V-Cut and Illinois COD tests.
  • ◉ Mobility: range of motion for ankle dorsiflexion, neck flexion/extension, hip flexion and internal rotation, shoulder flexion and internal rotation.
  • ◉ Wellness: sleep, fatigue, stress and soreness questionnaires.
  • ◉ Hamstrings strength: Nordic hamstring breakpoint angle and torque calculation.
  • ◉ Force-time curves: real-time raw force time curves using the accelerometer.
  • ◉ Motion capture*: real-time knee valgus and squat depth measurement using markerless motion capture.

* These tests are only available in iOS/iPadOS at the moment.

How much does My Jump Lab costs?

My Jump Lab can be downloaded for free on iOS, iPadOS, macOS and Android. You can start using its whole features, get access to future tests and unlock all of its content for just 5.99€/month, 39.99€/year or 119.99€ forever. Includes a 7-day free trial on iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

On Android, there are no subscriptions, and each test can be separately. For example, the jumping app, My Jump 3, costs 19.99€.

I have one or more of the apps that are now part of My Jump Lab. What happens with them?

Old apps such as My Jump 2 or My Lift, among others, will still work perfectly as usual. They will not be deactivated in any way. However, keep in mind that new updates, features, tests and improvements will only be made to My Jump Lab.

Privacy policy

My Jump Lab does not collect, store or share any of your personal data. If you have more doubts about privacy, please write at carlos@carlos-balsalobre.com.

Terms of use (EULA)

My Jump Lab uses the standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA) that can be found in this link.

Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives

Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives is the first multi-touch interactive iBook in Spanish in the field of Sports Sciences. Available for iPad and Mac for free, this book aims to bring undergraduate and graduate sport sciences students the latest research on the topic of strength training in a simple, visual, interactive way. It was edited with iBooks Author, an innovative tool by Apple that allows writers to create and publish stunning books with multi-touch, multimedia widgets.


Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives has 8 chapters full of multimedia, interactive widgets and learning tools that will introduce you to some of the most exciting research on the field of strength training to increase performance. Also, it has some exclusive photos and videos of Spanish elite athletes like Lydia Valentin, European Weightlifting Champion 2014 and Spain's best weightlifter ever. Here is the list of chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: Movement velocity to control training
  3. Chapter 3: Tests and technologies to control training
  4. Chapter 4: Main exercises for the development of strength
  5. Chapter 5: Lowering training loads: No Pain, More Gain
  6. Chapter 6: Monitoring fatigue
  7. Chapter 7: Strength Training: From childhood to elderly
  8. Chapter 8: Statistical analysis applied to sport science

Great downloads

Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives has been downloaded almost 10.000 times in its iBooks and PDF versions and it was Spain's #1 downloaded free multi-touch iBook for several weeks.

Strength Training: New Methodological Perspectives is available on the iBookstore in Spanish in more than 52 countries for free. Also, you can download a PDF version below.

Download PDF version

Get In Touch.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need assistance with my apps, have questions about my research or want to invite me to give a speak at your event. .

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